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The murder case Jakob von Metzler - A crime and its consequences



Awarded Regino Prize for Best Documentary!



Press Reviews of ZDF television documentary (26 July 2006):


    "TV Tip!"



"Few programs of this kind captivate viewers from the very beginning, forcing them to take a stand on the issues. A thoughtful film worthy of awards."


   "A documentary well worth seeing!"


   "Sensitive matter-of-factness!"


   "A Gripping report!"

"What reporters Peter Reichard and Ulrike Angermann have achieved in 45 minutes is a lesson in thrilling journalism."


   "An intelligent film!"




   "Clever questions!"

"The two authors succeed in doing what in television has unfortunately been reduced to reality: They pose clever questions, put statements in a nutshell, explain even comprehensively the verdict of the Frankfurt Regional Court. Not judgmental, they leave viewers to make up their own minds."



Documentary "Meine Davidwache" (My Davidwache Precinct)

Press Reviews of television documentary (02 September 2008):






   Please click here for the German BILD-reportage from


   Peter Reichard looks back on his period at Davidwache



   "I loved my hard job in the red-light district!"









"The participation of reporter Reichard, who himself tells own stories as former cop, makes this documentary very emotional."


   "TV Highlight!"


   "TIP - Highlight of the day!"




   Genre Highlight of the day


   Best of genre


   Best of genre


"... sympathetic documentary with nostalgic factor... fine little documentary."



Inspektor Rolle - Sex Classifieds

Episode "Sex Classifieds” in the SAT-1 crime series "Inspector Rolle" (17 April 2002).

   "Film Tip!"

"A crime fun factor of 10!... Inspector Rolle is the most original TV crime series in a long time. This abundance of wit and irony cannot be found elsewhere."


   "Top Tip!"

"An abyss of corruption and greed."


   "Tip of the Day!"

"A refreshingly different Berlin investigation team. A crime hunt with verve, action, atmosphere."


   "TV Tip!"


   "A recommendable film!"

"Healthy mixture of tension and humour!"



"Menage-à-trois with a likeable team!"



"Detective stories haven’t been this much fun for ages!"